I have sung since my childhood: it is the most natural form for me to express myself in an artistic way - whether it is on stage, in a concert or celebrating festivities.

I have always been curious and interested in many things and still am. I love to experiment with my voice and dislike the restrictions of schemes.

Apart from the different styles and genres of music I am also fascinated how we deal with language. I speak English, French and Italian fluently and sing in all languages of the world.

In new and contemporary music it is the high musical and vocal demands which attract me just as much as there is the necessity to bring in my own personality into the interpretation, especially for first performances. By doing this I am now a specialist for “Sprechgesang” and microtonality.

I have experienced the ups and downs which every artist experiences in order to attain self-development.

The pedagogical work grew as naturally as my own singing. After more than 30 years of teaching experience I am astonished that my enthusiasm is still increasing daily. I am always touched to witness how human beings begin to shine from inside when they succeed in developing their singing voice.

I am happy that I made singing my profession as it allows me to express my passion for music with my voice every day!