Katharina Rikus performed the Folk Songs of Luciano Berio with triumphal lightness, exceptional speech articulation and complete command of musical style! She was cheered by the audience.

Pierrot lunaire from Arnold Schönberg:
The Swiss mezzo soprano, Katharina Rikus, used her full sounding voice and her warm lavish timbre to accentuate a deeply human Pierrot!

The soloist of the ensemble, Katharina Rikus, brought with her seemingly tireless and in lightening like reactions voice, which ranged from a tonless whisper and razor sharp heights, all the requirements for the forming of the role of Pierrot lunaire, which one must feel as simply ideal and which certainly left noone among the audience members untouched.

Musictheater Mondschatten from Younghi Pagh-Paan premiered at the World New Music Festival Stuttgart:
The bursts of despaireagement of Oedipus' daughter Antigone, were sung by Katharina Rikus with heartrending intensity!
... fascinating moment: Katharina Rikus (Antigone) celebrated the outcry, stretched compositionally to ten minutes, as a harrowing lament.

The Swiss singer, Katharina Rikus, who lives in Bremen, offered in the four "Rrrr..." pieces by Mauricio Kagel, a comical theatrical potential, which is distinctively her own. Her singing is integrated in a representable manner as a „performance“ art.